Kaufen - Capo Ceraso Resort

Why invest in Capo Ceraso Resort

Uniqueness of product - Environment - Planning - Services - neighborhood. Wellness and Quality of Life.

  1. natural environment safeguarded since the 1970s by environmental and eco-sustainability standards, it preserves unique and unrivalled features - being at one remove from mass tourism.
  2. The resort is part of the protected Marine Park Tavolara.
  3.  A protected nature park on the sea spanning 16 hectares, within a protected peninsula of 900 hectares.
  4. A uniqe location on the sea
  5. A unique natural ambience with no invasive infrastructures and at a remove from mass tourism, the guarantee of an optimal neighbourhood and surroundings.
  6.  The various services of the Emerald Coast and of Olbia are just a stone's throw away:  Airport (8 km), new hospital of San Raffaele (5 km), new Marina of Olbia (6 km), and there is easy sea-access to Porto Cervo Yachting Club (30 km), Pevero Golf Club at Porto Cervo (30 km), Puntaldia Golf Club (4 km).
  7. High-end sevices available all year round: elegant swimming pool with a panoramic view, to the lido, the beach brunch bar and the sports facilities.
  8. 160,000 sqm. of park and infrastructures (55,000 sqm. in grassed area, 3000 sqm. flowers etc).
  9. The choice between a private beach with pier or numerous private coves reaching thanks to the walking trails through the park or to a shuttle service for guests.
  10. A village for all the family thanks to its services and facilities:
    - for children and adolescents,baby club formulas, entertainment, beach and recreation activities.
    - For adults facilities, services and sports activities,
    - For grandparents the convenience of the services, and close beaches and the tranquility of the village.
  11. One-site Management service for private guests:
    • ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the property and the various infrastructures of the complex,
    • presence of personnel all year around in the whole area of the complex
    • housekeeping service on request throughout the year.


For all our proposals for sale we will be happy to update the income directly, at the deed moment. With the "GUARANTEED INCOME formula, advance at the deed, we offer the opportunity to sign a three seasons guaranteed lease contract with the advantage of receiving immediately the value of future returns. This formula can be customized and you will always be able to choose the most pleasant times to live your property.

Travel and Adavantage offer

If you would like to visit personally the villas, the resort of Capo Ceraso and the Natural Park, ImmobilSarda is glad to have you as its guest for a pleasant free stay on the days you select, from October to May. Of course, without any commitment on your part.

from the Arrival at Olbia airport, for 2 days, you will be our guests*. You will be able to see the best solutions to meet your needs in all our locations and (re) discover the wonders of this wonderful land of Gallura.

* The offer includes only accommodation service. Tavel and lodging expenses are charged to the customer.

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