Dienstleistungen für diejenigen, die verkaufen wollen

Promoting only properties in unique natural settings where environmental characteristics are preserved and enhanced, and working in sinergy with prestigious international networks, Immobilsarda acts as a guarantee of quality and reliability.

For the most exclusive clients and properties, Immobilsarda offers customized marketing programs, specifically designed to appeal to a highly qualified audience of potential buyers and offer international exposure to the residential high level offers. 

The success of Immobilsarda strategy is guaranteed by the synergy between professionalism, reliability and high-level international relationships, that allow you to maximize the value, speed up the negotiations and finalizing the sale with high hopes of success.

Thanks to these simple but fundamental values, Immobilsarda is renowned as the most credible Real Estate Agency in offering high quality products, point of reference for those who want to sell their property in Gallura Costa Smeralda, one of the the most famous and known in the world.

Tailored Advice for sellers

Below our working methods for the management of the sales process

  1. Initial preliminary meeting for a first assessment of the property and discussion of the sale conditions with the vendor, description of the acquisition process and marketing project using the international channels that Immobilsarda can guarantee.
  2. Definition of the sale s mandate. Immobilsarda operates essentially upon an exclusive mandate to guarantee a preferable design of the entire marketing operation and promote the property on the exclusive channels of the Company.
  3. Collection of all the documents necessary for the sale of the property  (property dossier) with all the information required for the acquisition  and detailed knowledge of the properties (eg. Act / s of origin, cadastral surveys and plans etc. etc.).
  4. Creation of a due diligence and verification of the preliminary documents useful to outline the profile of the property and identify any issues that could compromise the success of the sale.
  5. Interior / exterior photo shoot of the property made by our professionals
  6. For specific properties possibility of photo and video creation using drones.
  7. Definition of sheets, image and property brochures
  8. Promotion of the property on the international market through our employees around the world, primarily on our web channels: from to the international networks sites, and definition of the marketing strategy
  9. Presentation of the property to our selected international clientele database.
  10. Organization of meetings and visits of the properties with our professional agent
  11. Monthly reporting of sales and marketing activities
  12. Complete assistance until the date of the notary deed
  13. Delivery of the official copy of the deed.
  14. After Sales Management

Guarantees and international visibility

Our strength for the marketing of our properties is the visibility among the international clientele.
To entrust Immobilsarda with the sale mandate of your property means to put it in a wide sales network which, starting from Sardinia, spreads throughout Italy, Europe and the world thanks to its affiliation with the major international networks active in the luxury real estate sector.

Among the most prominent affiliation Immobilsarda boasts for decades the exclusive relation with Christie's International Real Estate, a division of the prestigious Christie's Auction House dedicated to the brokerage of extra luxury trophy asset. The affiliation with Christie's International Real Estate is a recognition of great prestige, which guarantees to ImmobilSarda’s proposals a prominent presence in the international real estate scene with over 900 offices and 25 countries. Immobilsarda is also a founding member of EREN- European Real Estate Network, a company that brings together prestigious real estate firms across Europe to promote the luxury residential property market; Luxury Portfolio International is a network of brokers spread globally with more than 25,000 locations worldwide, able to achieve in one year over 1.2 million potential customers; FIABCI is the International Real Estate Federation founded in 1977 in Paris, with more than sixty countries members.

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