Les architectes des villas de Porto Cervo

Prince Karim Aga Khan called world-renowned architects to build the Emerald Coast and Porto Cervo. It was the '60s. The urban development project was based on respect for the area. The architectural choices and the materials used to fabricate these famous extra luxury villas prove it.

Innovation and luxury in Porto Cervo

The Emerald Coast Consortium was established in 1962, on approximately 5,000 hectares of land from Olbia to Arzachena, by Prince Karim Aga Khan and several entrepreneurs. It is said that he fell in love with the most famous tract of the Sardinian coast while he was flying over it. Once land purchased, not without problems, the Masterplan was developed. It received worldwide recognitions.

This Masterplan was an innovative integrated development plan, as Prince Aga Khan said. It established the building standards and some rules. It had a regulatory and control function and avoided the building abuse, in the absence of regional laws to defend the landscape. It was based on a medieval village style, where the town center had to be a place of luxury businesses. In this way it respected the local rural style and the landscape. In addition the Masterplan planned the economic and tourist growth of the Emerald Coast. So, the employment and the economic sectors grew up.

Famous architects of the Emerald Coast

The Architecture Committee played a central role in the project. The manager was Enzo Satta, architect and urban planner with international experience. The Prince called some world-renowned architects: Luigi Vietti, Jacques Coulle, Michele Busiri Vici and Antonio Simon Mossa. Over the years he involved others: Savin Coulle, Jean Claude Lesuisse, Peter Schneck, Gerard Bethoux, Giuseppe Polese, Peter Giordo.

The architectural guidelines were:

  • Mediterranean style, apparently spontaneous with irregular and simple shapes, rustic and decorated with arches;
  • Materials such as granite, unfinished wood, pastel coloured plasters with natural pigments.

Talking about the architecture of Porto Cervo, we must absolutely mention Luigi Vietti. He chose the name Emerald Coast and many other names of locations, now widely known. He designed the village of Porto Cervo and the Cerbiatte Villas, the Prince Aga Khan’s residence. For these and many other works (the Cervo and Pitrizza hotels, the Dolce Sposa complex), he used precious materials, wide room and enveloping nature. So he built luxury buildings with basic shapes in a perfect Mediterranean style.

Jacques and Savin Coulle between architecture and sculpture

The works of the Swiss Coulles, father and son, are known for the combination of architecture and sculpture. For their buildings they selected granite, wood and unusual materials such as wire; some local artisans helped them for details; they used soft lines and curves with vaulted ceilings and twisted wooden supports. Their most important work is undoubtedly the Hotel Cala di Volpe which is characterized by the contrast between the modern interior and the exterior built as a fishing village.

Jacques Coulle lived on the stone spur of Monte Mannu in his famous villa, which is designed by himself, carved into the rock. The son Savin Coulle built many other houses: the Maison du Port in Porto Cervo, the Captaincy of Cala Corallina and the Alba Ruja Village in Liscia di Vacca.

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