La philosophie de la vie


There is an island in the Mediterranean sea that welcomes visitors with clear blue sea and unspoiled nature: it is called Sardinia. There is a region in the north of the island that evokes the beauty of a unique environment: the Costa Smeralda, the most exclusive area of Gallura. A unique corner, which opened to the world in the '60s, by marrying an eco-friendly philosophy, respectful of the natural environment with no comparison in the real estate market of the Mediterranean. Destinations such as Spain, Portugal, Tunisia, Turkey, and Croatia have been subjected to a standardized residential tourist development, detached from the territory.

In these contexts, the sense of identity and belonging are lacking, while in Sardinia they are deeply rooted and represent the fundamental points for meeting the needs of modern customers.

The Italian and international demand have evolved in the last years and express today different needs than in the past. Culture and sensitivity have been refined and potential buyers have become more demanding. A more refined market segment has been created, showing particular attention to values such as quality of life, well-being and a lifestyle linked to the exclusivity and excellence of the services, offered by the receptive structures on the territory.

Equitable management of the resources, time, available budget, environment - social awareness, quality of experience, local communities, slow life, technology, knowledge and well-being, have become the pillars for a new way of "making real estate" in accordance with a long term vision of development based on the excellence of the offered products.


The philosophy of Immobilsarda assumes that the tourist properties do not meet the basic need for a residence, but must rather adapt to existential and emotional needs related to quality of life. This solid principle is the common thread that unifies the different areas and sectors of the company: from the brokerage, institutional consulting, design and development.

A house in Sardinia cannot be valued on a “square meter" basis. On the contrary, the value of a property on Costa Smeralda and the whole Gallura is defined on different variables that enhance the lifestyle of its owner, such as:

  • Its position, as closeness to the beach or sea view
  • The architectural style & possible refurbishment
  • Confidentiality & privacy
  • Neighborhood & context
  • The presence of facilities such as golf, marina etc
  • The garden or pool.



The respect for the environment, intact panorama and eco-friendly materials are the features which are increasingly valued by the Italian and international markets, which proves to be aware and sensitive to the factors that improve the quality of everyday life. The value of a home is much higher if it is integrated with the territory that surrounds it and that creates emotions. Equally important is to stay in contact with local traditions in Sardinia and Gallura which are lively today more than ever.

And what about the good food and wine, available in this Mediterranean paradise? Immobilsarda works to meet the most sophisticated needs of its customers who thanks to us can enjoy the unique sea, the unparalleled views, the perfumed scents of the Mediterranean maquis. ImmobilSarda do not simply sells beautiful homes but gives you the opportunity to improve your life.


We are authors together with our clients in a process of sustainable development that promotes green building and architecture as complementary elements of the landscape. We simplify the whole process from the brokerage to the institutional consultancy, projecting, development ecc, giving you the time to take care of the one you like more.

Immobilsarda chooses only those residences which have unique location, construction quality, panoramic views and privacy; features that tripled the value of a property on the real estate market. It is not the square meter to make the difference in a beach house but its ability in improving the lives of those who live in it.

We actually act according to a new vision that involves new concept of “building the landscape” in an environmentally sustainable manner that promote bio-architecture and green building and pursue new design and construction methods.

Today we are living through an era of profound change in which the sustainable building and materials, houses with zero impact, etc., are the central aspects in order to determine the new quality parameters, required by the market and expected by mature and sensitive customers. Immobilsarda is moving towards this direction.

Immobisarda is the ideal partner for those who are looking for a sensory and emotional experience in one of the most beautiful and exclusive location in the Mediterranean that still preserves an astonishing nature and an ancient fascinating culture.


Le monde Immobilsarda