Immobilsarda Private Sales

Confidentiality and discretion are the basis of our private sales approach to the client, especially for a particular type of real estate transactions, and are a guarantee of our professionalism as a company present on the market for over 45 years.

In the private sales category, there are properties that, due to their uniqueness, are particularly sensitive and cannot be exposed on the market, just as there are clients who, due to their exceptional reputation, prestige or social importance, require extremely confidential treatment, both when they decide to buy a property and when they decide to sell it and wish to sell only to a selected and high-profile clientele.

In order to protect the privacy and confidentiality of this niche clientele who want a discreet and confidential treatment, Immobilsarda offers a private sales service for the purchase, sale and rent of the highest level.

For this reason, our Private Sales Division avails itself of a dedicated team of Luxury Expert Consultants who follow each client in an exclusive and confidential manner, creating a priority communication channel able to respond quickly to all the personal needs of this type of clientele.

The properties that enjoy our private sales service are not present on our website, or on our sales channels, but are offered through confidential negotiations only to customers who expressly request them and who meet a series of requirements that are essential for us, carefully evaluated before starting negotiations.

Our portfolio of properties in private sales with reserved character includes villas, trophy assets and pieds dans l'eau in a price range ranging from 1 mill - 20 mill Euro and more, placed in unique and high-quality contexts.

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