Villetta Tramonto - Baia Santa Reparata

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A pearl in the heart of BaiaSanta Reparata.

Villetta Tramonto is aunique house, set in Baia Santa Reparata, one of the most charming and evocativearea of Gallura thanks to the homonym beach, the protected archaeological areacharacterized by pink granites, the thick and fragrant Mediterranean maquis andthe picturesque views of sunsets over the sea.This beautiful villa, just fewsteps from the sea, is immersed in a setting of granite, myrtle, juniper and mediterraneanessences. The pride of the house is the charming sea views that can be admiredfrom the well-kept garden surrounding the house and from the extraordinaryviewing platform set among the granites of Baia Santa Reparata, an annex idealfor pleasant moments of outdoor relax.

Villetta Tramonto boasts twocovered porches, spacious and airy, one with outdoor kitchen and fireplace, finelyfinished with terracotta tiles and local materials, perfect for living outdoor surroundedby nature.The elegant living room with kitchenette with bright and soft colors, isfinished with precious details. The property includes two bathrooms and tworefined bedrooms overlooking the verandas so that one can wake up in themorning "cuddled" by nature

3 lokale

2 Zimmer

2 Bäder

82 mq comm.

250 mq giardino

70 mq interni

Sea view

1 parkplätze

Barbecue grill

Air conditioning

Energieklasse G

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