Maßgeschneiderte Villen

ImmobilSarda, Property Finder & Consultant in Gallura - Costa Smeralda since 1974, boasts a select range of prestigious homes in unique locations, where it is still possible to invest in what is perhaps today's rarest and most precious asset: quality of life.

A commitment to sustainable living

In this perspective, our commitment extends to promoting a concept of "sustainable living" and innovative projects of new villas under construction according to the most modern architectural standards and eco-sustainability. We also encourage a new idea of "making landscape" eco-sustainable, promoting bio-architecture and green building, thus pursuing new design and construction methods.

45 years of experience in Sardinia Gallura Costa Smeralda

For over 45 years, we design our business around the needs of our customers, putting at their service experience, skills, and professionalism, to provide personalized service and to meet their needs.
In order to offer personalized service and to find the most suitable solutions to the specific type of public, in Sardinia as well as in every part of the world,
thanks to consolidated partnerships of importance in the international real estate such as Christie's International Real Estate, EREN European Real Estate Network, Luxury Portfolio.
Through a deep knowledge of the tourist real estate market and a significant structure extended throughout the Gallura - Costa Smeralda, based on Business Units, Immobilsarda offers integrated services designed to ensure maximum return on investment to owners and developers.

Eco Ville Tailor Made

The Neuro Architecture of Immobilsarda

The Tailor-Made Eco Villas are more than an agile project of Luxury Bespoke Villas on the sea. They are a concept, an authentic brand born from the research of Immobilsarda and its Laboratory of Architecture that has created a new innovative design concept developed after years of research and analysis of the market and the international demand that today asks for an experience of living comfort and life, deeply linked to nature and in perfect integration with the territory and the landscape. 

From the Neuro Architecture of Immobilsarda are born Eco Villas Tailor Made, a brand of avant-garde architecture and environment.

The Tailor-Made Eco Villas of Immobilsarda are designed to be refuges of privacy, intimacy, and well-being: the careful study of the context allows you to enjoy the sense of intimacy in every room of your own personal "island." The lot on which it stands becomes a real "iso-lot," a space of absolute privacy, tranquility, and quality of life.




The correct orientation ensures that the buildings protect the outdoor spaces from the mistral winds. absolute housing.
Glazed living areas on both sides ensure panoramic views from all points of the house.
The boundaries between lots are not perceived thanks to the maintenance of the Mediterranean and the study of the context.


Bespoke Tailor Made Projects
Your custom home in 18 months

Inostri progetti tailor-made sono concepiti e realizzati da un team di architetti professionisti, paesaggisti, interior designer, tecnici e progettisti, che fanno parte del nostro team e Laboratorio di Architettura e sono stati scelti con attenzione per comprendere e valorizzare al massimo la bellezza del territorio, della natura e della qualità della vita.

All your needs will be harmonized by our professionals with the modern concepts of eco-architecture to ensure an absolute continuity with the landscape context and maximum attention to exposure and microclimatic efficiency.


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