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Nature, environment, sustainability key values for choosing

To talk about Real Estate transactions and investments in Sardinia - Costa Smeralda, brings to mind unique, rare goods whose beauty has an emotional effect on the human psyche. 
The island is the second largest in the Mediterranean and boasts beautiful beaches and lush Mediterranean vegetation. Here is a delicate balance, aimed at protecting the original territory, reconciling the needs to develop a modern tourist industry with the ones of the environmental protection
Just think of Gallura and in particular Costa Smeralda, a "brand" invented by the Aga Khan Karim in the sixties, which now has become famous all over the world as synonymous of undisputed quality. 
The investments of the Aga Khan had a positive effects for the entire region: the entrepreneurs came in this area, also from abroad, and bought pieds dans l'eau lands. Architects, craftsmen, artists and professionals worked together with groups of investors, trying to respect the environment and cooperated with local authorities to establish the first urban planning creating a culture that gained a following in Sardinia. Gallura - Costa Smeralda spreads over 450 km of coastline from Olbia to Aglientu and it is a area remained at its natural state, free from intensive agriculture and industries. This territory has been protected since 1968 form strict urban rules, aimed at preserving the natural environment, so as today it is possible to build by the sea only in areas belonging to old lots. 
Gallura can be considered as a major city area, whose center is the lively town of Olbia and the neighborhoods areas extend to Porto Rotondo, Porto Rafael, Porto Cervo, Palau up to Santa Teresa and Aglientu

Immobilsarda Investments & Developments

Immobilsarda offers to private entrepreneurs, institutions and hotel industries, its over thirty years experience in promoting and developing the Tourist Hotel Industry - in Sardinia and throughout the country. 
The Company deals with projects and investment opportunities in the hospitality industry and conversions of old lots of the 40's destined to residential and hotel purposes. Immobilsarda's portfolio boasts targeted and exclusive operations, trading and hotels activities and lots and resorts throughout Sardinian. 
All the proposals are characterized by strategic locations, a unique environmental setting, proximity to cultural sites and a high level neighborhood. They are all easily accessible from domestic and European destinations. There are numerous top level opportunities, addressed to a niche market practical and attractive, which pay special attention to landscape culture, green building philosophy and eco sustainability. 
To guarantee competence and feasibility, Immobilsarda makes available to private investors its 40 years experience and a deep knowledge of the territory, urban rules and regional standards in the field of urban development, in addition to careful marketing strategies.
Immobilsarda offers market research services, consulting for investors on environmental impact and eco-sustainable projects, it analyzes feasibility studies and develops strategies and asset management. 

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