Gallura: unique in diversity

Costa Smeralda: the inimitable charm

Among the most famous and exclusive tourist regions of the Mediterranean, Costa Smeralda needs no introduction: between creeks and coves where peace reigns supreme, in the protected waters where its unique fauna thrives, the fun of social life explodes.

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Gallura: unique in diversity

Santa Teresa di Gallura

A hamlet overlooking Corsica, lying on a promontory with a breathtaking view of the entire bay and the picturesque Straits of Bonifacio.
The impressive Aragonese Tower is the symbol, the quality of life it is the boast.

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Gallura: unique in diversity

Portobello: an extraordinary nature

In the heart of northern Gallura, the town of Portobello stands out among junipers and cliffs, vineyards and olive trees: a charming place, deeply rooted in nature, intimate and distinctive.

A place to enjoy the privilege of an immersion in relaxation.

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Gallura: unique in diversity

Capo Ceraso: an incomparable scenery

A granite promontory unique for vegetation and marine fauna: Capo Ceraso extends along the Gulf of Olbia with its amazing pink cliffs, hidden coves among the rocks, the luxuriance of the Mediterranean vegetation.
An unmatched scenario.

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Gallura: unique in diversity

Palau: a deck over the charm

The Charming town of Palau and the magical hamlet of Baia del Faro, a door leading to La Maddalena Archipelago.

A natural deck over a view that is one of a kind: a granite coastline only interrupted by tiny white sandy inlets.

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Gallura: unique in diversity

Porto Rafael : the elegance surrounded by nature

A hamlet framed by the Mediterranean vegetation. Its unique architectural style melt together the Sardinian tradition and the elegant Mediterranean style.
Porto Rafael is an exclusive and quiet spot: nature close to bon vivre.

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Gallura: unique in diversity

Porto Pollo : the oasis of your well-being

An oasis for sports, with two bays, two natural pools, a thin stretch of land which connects it to the beautiful little island of Tuarredda. This is Porto Pollo.
The right place to renew body and spirit.

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Gallura: unique in diversity

Porto Rotondo : the pleasure of escaping

One among the most renowned places in the island, where to live moments of true relaxation.
A unique architecture for a natural environment nestled between two gulfs. Porto Rotondo join together the magic of an unmatched landscape and the pleasure of escaping.

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Gallura: unique in diversity

Baia Santa Reparata

A clear sea and a truly white sand, surrounded by little bays of granite rocks. A tiny piece of paradise very close to the town of Santa Teresa di Gallura and to the Nature Reserve of Capo Testa.
An impressive beach, with livevy social life and nature's jewels.

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Gallura: unique in diversity

Olbia: the heart of Gallura

The ancient capital of the “Judicate” is the most important urban centre of Gallura.
Rich in tourist hospitality, from Porto Rotondo to Portisco, descendant of Roman and Punic ancestries, Olbia is nestled in the namesaked Gulf. The town does not only offer services, but also some of the best white beaches in the world.

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