Immobilsarda Legal Advices

Immobilsarda offers the main legal, tax, financial, notary and property management advice services through its own internal legal department or with the external assistance of professionals.

We are therefore able to assist clients with professionalism and discretion, accompanying them throughout the buying and selling phase using specific professionals for every technical aspect; from the moment of the first contact to the definition of the contract, up to the acquisition of the property and any after-sale management.

Among the main services our Legal Department offers support in the field of: 

- Drafting of purchase proposals, even conditional, that agree to the needs of the buyer with those of the seller;
- Assistance and completion of bureaucratic paperwork in all phases of the buying and selling real estate, up to the deed;
- Drafting of preliminary sale and purchase contracts, lease agreements;
- Legal, notary and tax advice;
- Credit assistance, also to foreign customers, for the request of medium-long term loans (mortgages);
- Assistance in the search for building practices and cadastral documents;
- Verification of building practices and cadastral documents;
- Assistance during the due diligence phase of the property;
- Assistance to foreign customers for the request and the issuance of the tax code.

Consultancy service for foreigners

Immobilsarda provides its foreign clients, foreign citizens who purchase real estate and second homes in Italy, with legal advice and support in drawing up and obtaining all the necessary documentation for the deed of sale.

We are able to assist our international clients in all phases of the purchase negotiation, informing them about any facilitations, restrictions and opportunities available to facilitate the purchase of a property in Italy.

Among the main services we offer:

- Assistance for the request and issuance of the tax code;
- Consultancy for the achievement of international mortgages thanks to special agreements with Italian banks;
- Assistance for the issuance of residence permits.