Gallura hinterland

Country villas and stazzi galluresi for sale in the hinterland.

Endless expanses of Mediterranean scrub
, plants and trees with low, medium and high trunk, myrtle, juniper, lentisk, cork oaks. Rocky hills and granite mountains with artistic forms. A rich and lush nature that slopes down to the coast for miles. This is the hinterland of Gallura, a land of nature and peace, where time seems to stand still.

This is the land where the culture of this region was born and where you can find the most typical and characteristic villages such as San Pantaleo, San Pasquale and Aglientu. Among their streets and roads, the local stone houses and the traditional events you will discover a history rich in culture that goes back to the Romans.

The country villas and stazzi galluresi for sale in the hinterland are one of the legacies of the millennial tradition of this land. Made with natural materials such as stone and wood, the stazzi today have been renovated and / or revisited respecting the tradition, but making them more modern and comfortable through advanced architectural techniques, furniture, and technology.

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