Marketing Services

For over 30 years ImmobilSarda has been presenting its properties with high level marketing and advertising campaigns, and through carefully arranged and planned communication tools, in order to reach the target of interest.

Marketing tools:

  • Printed and digital format catalogues / brochures 
  • Website Immobilsarda: 
  • Periodic campaigns targeted direct marketing and diverse target 
  • Advertising campaigns, national / international 
  • Web Marketing 
  • Channels of direct one-to-one marketing
  • Exhibition, Roadshow, Open House


Direct Marketing is the core of the communication activities of ImmobilSarda and the Company pays particular attention to the contact with customer. 
After years of activities the Company commands an  updated and growing data base with more than 20.000 contacts. The intense direct marketing activity and newsletters is developed through newsletters and mailing sent to all the clientele. 
Moreover, the intense activities of direct marketing is spread through targeted newsletters and mailing sent to European and International Associates. Through synergies with our best EREN and Christie's partners in Europe and worldwide - Lausanne, Geneva, Zurich, London, Paris, Monte Carlo, Moscow, New York, Tokyo, Qatar, Dubai – is possible to propose our offers to investors whose profile and reliability are guaranteed by our colleagues.


The advertising campaign is carefully planned every year on national and international newspaper and specialized magazines able to guarantee a wide visibility. To realize its advertising campaign ImmobilSarda cooperates with adv. agencies and realizes corporate and products layout planned on the most important national and international magazines and newspapers and real estates websites.


The web site is the main tool used by ImmobilSarda for its communication strategy. Constantly updated and
available in 4 languages (Italian, English, French and German) is a fundamental showcase with information
regarding the Company, the services, the social and cultural context and the portfolio of the Society.
The reported estates have dedicated pages, even with confidential access, images, detailed descriptions, and
futuristic 3D virtual tours. has a high national and international visibility.


Immobilsarda's below the line tools such as brochure, folders, forms and dossiers on the properties are sent
through direct mailing actions to all the interested customers accurately selected from our database.
ImmobilSarda pays particular attention in making the brochure with the collaboration of advertising agencies: the lettering, the quality of the pictures, match of colors and printing.


ImmobilSarda participates in the most important national and international exhibitions (MIPIM in Cannes, EIRE in Milan,...) Through a direct presence with its own stand or in one of the primary Groups to which it belongs.


 ImmobilSarda organize events in Sardinia to increase customer loyalty and promote its offerings.
For exclusive and confidential projects a communications tool such as an event / presentation creates emotion, empathy around the key message and allows to directly involve the customer. 
Immobilsarda believes that any events, cocktails, parties and related activities should be directed to a quite small and carefully selected audience, in order to maintain the diktat of privacy and exclusivity of an "event for a few selected"; in some cases even one to one presentation aimed at a particularly remarkable customer are desirable actions.