Buy your home at Capo Ceraso Resort

Why invest in Capo Ceraso Resort

Uniqueness of product - Environment - Planning - Services - neighborhood. Wellness and Quality of Life.

  1. A natural environment protected by eco-sustainability regulations since the 70's and then with unique and incomparable characteristics.
  2. A resort which is part of the protected Marine Park of Tavolara
  3. A natural park of 16 hectares on the sea, in a protected peninsula of 1,000 hectares.
  4. Unique location bordering the sea.
  5. Unique natural context with no invasive infrastructures and far from any tourist crowds; the guarantee of a high-level neighborhood and context.
  6. Near to the services of the Costa Smeralda and Olbia:
    • 8 km from the airport.
    • 5 km from the new Mater Olbia hospital.
    • 6 km from the new marina of Olbia
    • 30 km from the Yachting and Pevero Golf Club in Porto Cervo, 30 km.
    • 4 km from Golf Punta Aldia 
  7. Excellent amenities available all year round: swimming pool with panoramic view, restaurant with terrace on the sea, beach brunch bar, kindergarten, baby club, evening entertainment, sports facilities (tennis and diving school), shuttle service and nature trail that connects the villas to the beach.
  8. 160,000 square meters. of park and infrastructure (55,000 m2 turf, 3,000 m2 of flower essences, etc.).
  9. The choice between private beach with jetty, the exclusive green beach or the numerous small bays accessible on foot through the paths on the park or via a free shuttle service available for all the guests
  10. A village suitable for all ages: services and facilities for all the family. For children and teenagers baby club formulas, animation and recreation; for adults facilities, services and sports activities; for grandparents the convenience of services and nearby beaches and the tranquility of the village.
  11. Management Service on site:
    • daily property management
    • ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the property and the complex infrastructure
    • staff presence secured throughout the year in the whole area of the complex
    • housekeeping service on request, available all year round, for the care of private gardens and public areas


For all our proposals we will actualize the income directly at the time of the deed.  With the formula "GUARANTEED INCOME" anticipated at the time of the deed, we offer the opportunity to sign a contract for a guaranteed rent for three years, with the advantage to receive immediately the value of the future income.
This formula is customizable: you will always have the option to choose the periods in which you would like to use the property.

Offer Visit & Buy
If you are interested in visiting in person the villettas, the resort of Capo Ceraso and the Natural Park, we are pleased to host you for a pleasant free three days stay, from October to May. Of course, without any obligation on your part.
From the arrival in Olbia Airport, for two days, you will be our guests *. You will have the chance to visit the solutions the best suit your needs, the fabulous locations and (re) discover the wonders of this beautiful land of Gallura.

* The offer includes only the accommodation. The travel costs and meals are paid by the customer.

Immobili e complessi