Bespoke Biopholic Villas

Inspired by the concept of “quality living experience, strongly linked to the territory, to tradition and Nature”.
The architectural concept focuses on the dialogue between home and landscape and arises from the perfect fusion of real estate, neuro-architecture and bio-architecture. Our projects offer a vision of a home built according to the principles of bio-architecture,
against a backdrop of continuous architectural research. These edifices emerge as a sanctuary that respects and enhances the surrounding territory.

A private Intimate Oasis

Each individual villa is designed to be a private, intimate oasis. The design of the landscape and the in-depth research into the intrinsic formation of the land is fundamental to the project. Supporting, respecting and enhancing the morphology of the place, it guarantees privacy and tranquillity to all and creates a sense of truly being on one’s own
hideaway island.

Plants are naturally organic, and this flexibility and independence accentuates the sense of openness and freedom. The villas include a central living area with living room and dining room that lead directly outside towards the sea, thus creating the perfect “inside-outside” balance and an outdoor environment that is a continuation of the interior. This architectural approach ensures
superb views and maximum enjoyment of a large dedicated outdoor space which comprises extensive outdoor living and dining areas, verandas at the front and back of the house, outdoor kitchen and integrated natural swimming pool.

The light penetrates each shared space, illuminating special moments.
Thanks to a unique configuration, every view from the villa overlooks the sea: the horizon is the only thing in sight. Finally, they offer the ultimate privilege: silence. Within this sanctuary, the only sound is that of nature.