Valle dell'Erica


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Location of undeniable charm, Valle dell'Erica embeds itself in the lush Mediterranean maquis typical of Sardinia and directly overlooks the Straits of Bonifacio, opposite the island of Spargi. Situated in a truly enviable geographic context.

Valle dell'Erica enjoys the picturesque marine territory characteristic of the Gallura, consisting of many small coves and sheltered bays, but also the intriguing atmosphere of hamlets like Conca Verde and Porto Pozzo, where you can breathe the scent of the Sardinian tradition, with all its customs and its food and wine products and local handicrafts. Ideal place for those who love the sea and the beach, it offers privacy and tranquility to those who are looking for a little relaxation, but does not disappoint those who love that very special thrill that water sports can give: sailing, windsurfing and diving.

Valle dell'Erica boasts a favorable location also for those who love to discover new places, it is in fact located a few kilometers from all the major destinations of the Costa Smeralda and within walking distance from the top hotels, restaurants and services offered by the area.

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