Christie's International Real Estate

High-class and high quality standards have always been the distinguishing features of Christie's, the auction house renowned globally. In this context of unique and valuable assets, Immobilsarda is exclusive affiliate for Sardinia of Christie's International Real Estate, the sector dedicated specifically to the luxury real estate market.

Present in 45 countries, with 1,200 offices and more than 32,000 associates, Christie's International Real Estate is the largest international network of real estate companies dedicated to the sale and management of luxury residences. Access to this prestigious network is offered by invitation only to real estate agencies whose achievements in sales of high-level houses are a guarantee of standing, professionalism, experience and quality of supply.

Immobilsarda is exclusive affiliate for Sardinia exclusive of Christie's International Real Estate, partnership that aims to relate the high cultural and economic level clients of the two companies that, for culture and sensitivity, can recognize and give proper value to the exclusive properties presented.

As an exclusive affiliate of Christie's International Real Estate, ImmobilSarda takes adavntage of exclusive communication and marketing tools directly tied to the brand name Christie's, such as the official journal Christie's Magazine, brochures, website, dedicated projects, which reach a qualified international audience.



Corporate Brochure. An elegant brochure that provides an extensive introduction to Christie's International Real Estate, to the Christie's auction house and to the network of prestigious affiliates. See the brochure.

Christie’s International Real Estate Magazine. Official publication of the brand Christie's International Real Estate, which is available both in print and in digital version. It offers affiliates an additional unique opportunity to promote their most interesting properties and to emphasize their value.

Bespoke Marketing Program Brochure. A program that provides customized marketing solutions for the most extraordinary properties: publication on privileged advertising channels, promotion during Christie's International Real Estate events, high quality customized brochures, marketing strategies tailored to emphasize and enhance the characteristics of the most exclusive properties.

Luxury Defined. An in-depth overview of the luxury real estate market, published annually and aimed at defining which the criteria defining the concept of "luxury" in the sector are and how they vary and modulate over the years. See the blog: Luxury Defined

Signature Program Brochure. A digital showcase for the most characteristic properties. This service includes digital advertising in prestigious publications and a privileged position on the homepage of Christie's International Real Estate.

Development Project Marketing Brochure. A high quality photographic brochure, designed to provide the list of services, and related information, which Christie's offers its affiliates to support them in promoting their properties and their real estate projects.

Competitive Statistics & Marketing Taglines. Updated statistics and infographics that demonstrate the global range and power of the Christie's brand and its network in the luxury real estate sector, data and slogans made available to affiliates to strengthen and make even more incisive their presentations.

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