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Halfway between Santa Teresa Gallura and Palau stands Valle dell’Erica, a corner in Gallura overlooking the sea, in front of Arcipelago de La Maddalena and the Corsica islands, where the lush Mediterranean maquis reigns.
Its dominant position on the sea is of absolute value: the multi-coloured waters paint the horizon where the island of Arcipelago de La Maddalena, Corsica, Bocche di Bonifacio, Spargi and Spargiotto rise as natural monoliths. No less beautiful are the beaches and the many inlets dotting the coast: among the most famous there is La Licciola beach with its characteristic coarse grains sand that goes from pink to black to white.
Nestled on the coast, Valle dell’Erica benefits from great privacy and tranquillity enveloped in a delicate scented hug by nature. Here you’ll relax in a calm environment where to enjoy the amazing Gallura climate 365 days-a-year.
Valle dell’Erica offers many services: from bar, restaurants and nightclubs, to water sports. The location meets the tastes of a very large clientele, from those who are looking for peace & quiet away from the chaotic cities, to those who wish for an adventure.
Very important are both the nearness to some maritime hamlet like Conca Verde and Porto Pozzo, where to discover the authentic Sardinian tradition, and its halfway position from Santa Teresa Gallura and Palau, where you can fine 2 of the most important touristic harbours of the area and a wide range of services. A unique position that allow all those who want to start discovering the hidden corners of Gallura and Costa Smeralda.
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