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When you first arrive in Sardinia, it seems like a pearl in the middle of the sea: a vision that amazes for its pure landscape, that pleases the guests for its quiet. Almost a continent, created over 4000 years of history.In a land capable to keep the tradition of a mysterious culture where a wild pure nature reigns.

In Sardinia, time, months and seasons pass slowly, with no rush, following the nature rytm.

In the heart of Mediterranean sea, Sardinia boasts a position that makes it easy to reach from all the most important cities all around Europe.In an island that exhibits wonderful beaches and crystal-clear waters, the differences between North and South coasts are many: in the northern area, there are little inlets white sand beaches, rocky cliffs, and a lush nature; the southern, instead, switch between long sandy beaches with a low Mediterranean maquis and high rocks on the sea, and the countryside is plain.

Here in the South, there are localities with some of the most fascinating colours, shades and flavours.Immobilsarda presents you breathtaking Real Estates in the South Sardinia.

Isola Piana
In the South-West part of Sardinia, far less than 1 km from the fascinating San Pietro Island, a little island covered by low Mediterranean Maquis emerges in the blue sea: Isola Piana.
The island is accessible to the only owners of the apartments parts of the only residence presents on Isola Piana, “Residence Villamarina”.

Isola Piana is perfect for lovers of wild nature and for those that are looking for privacy and relax: each owner has a mooring and a boat storage for boats to 12 mt longer in the graceful harbour of the island; cars and motorcycle are not allowed, to preserve the pure air and to maintain the rich local avifauna; the coast is mostly rocky, full of little inlet and panoramic points from which admire the blue cobalt sea that touch the horizon.

The “Residence Villamarina” guarantees a range of exclusive services for the owners: 2 tennis fields and a football field, the wide swimming pool powered with sea water, a playground for kids and a reception service able to help you in all your need.

The “Tilla boat” daily link the island with the services of Carloforte, picturesque town that keeps in its walls a long and interesting history that sinks its roots in the ancient Liguria.

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