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San Teodoro is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Sardinia, thanks to its versatile charm.

This charming village is strategically located very close to some of the most spectacular beaches of the island, including beach La Cinta, Cala d'Ambra and the beach of Isuledda, renowned for their thin white sand and crystal clear waters that characterize this stretch of coast.

Moving away from the coast and heading inland for about ten kilometres, you find yourself surrounded by the magical atmosphere of Monti Nieddu, a real paradise for hiking, trekking and mountain biking lovers. There, the relaxing quietness of the mountain prevails, only disturbed by the breath of the wind flowing among the forest of oaks and cork trees, lightly touching the natural waterfalls and shaping granites.

This is the perfect town for those who love tranquility, but also for sports addicted. Beach volleyball, tennis, football, hiking, biking, golf, horse riding and water sports, including diving: never a dull moment.

In the evening, you can not miss the chance to browse the traditional local crafts market, admiring the beautiful sea-themed mural created by the renowned painter Luigi Castiglioni in 1975. Then, go on walking between shops, restaurants, ice cream shops, pubs and clubs, the tourist information office and the hairdresser, all open until late at night!

This charming location is livened up the whole year by all kind of events: sports, music, movie, entertainment and educational activities for children, visits to museums and places of historical and cultural interest, street markets and outdoor parties.

San Teodoro is an unforgettable place, able to meet every need. It is a unique spot for those who love the impressive incomparable context of Sardinia, enjoying all kind of services, comforts and amusements that modern life offers.
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