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Portobello di Gallura is a unique place in the heart of Gallura - Costa Smeralda, a location on the sea to the west of northern Sardinia, known for the exclusive villas in the homonymous residential park. Very close to Santa Teresa Gallura, it extends along a stretch of coast interspersed with beautiful beaches with Corsica in the background.
Portobello is a real cultural intervention, born from the passion of two luminaries and forerunners of wellness and protection of the landscape heritage, such as Eng. Tiscornia and Dr. Magliano, and this is why we speak of a real Residential Park.

Villas of Portobello

Portobello represents, in its uniqueness, a real gated community overlooking the sea, where the villas for sale are individual properties pieds dans l'eau.
Each property is protected by the lush vegetation of the residential park, an area of 100 hectares that elegantly opens on 3 km of unspoilt coastline as if it were an amphitheater. The villas of Portobello are sculpture-houses overlooking the sea with wide porches, verandahs and enchanting gardens very close to the beach. They perfectly blend with the nature and the colours of the park until they become one, thanks to their low structure, designed in an organic way with the context, to the external granite coverings, to the "green" roofs and to the local materials used for their realisation.

Why is Portobello UNIQUE?

- Because perfect for lovers of privacy and confidentiality,
- Because ideal for those looking for a unique place to rediscover the contact with pristine nature,
- Because it is a unique location for lovers of the tranquility of nature and for families
- Because it represents a real "campus of life" for young people of all ages
- For its 3.5 km of pristine coastline,
- For its community with two conciergerie and security 24 hours a day, open all year round
- Because it is the only seafront park in Sardinia
- Because it follows the principles of organic architecture, where the individual villas are skillfully immersed in greenery, leaving intact the natural character of the place

Lifestyle and services

The lifestyle of the residential park of Portobello di Gallura is designed for those who are looking for an understatement, or an alternative interpretation of worldliness. The creation of the Park has been tailored for families with children, young couples and for the second age as a retirement, who want to combine privacy, exclusivity, comfort with high levels of quality of life, sport and wellness. The Park is a true "Campus of life": a place where you can rediscover the authentic values of family, friendship and well-being all-round, surrounded by unspoilt nature, where the bonds that arise are genuine and indissoluble.

The Residential Park has numerous services reserved for its guests. It is an entirely private area with access guarded by a security service guaranteed 24 hours a day. The lovely tourist area is also equipped for small boats. The Park is equipped with poles dedicated to catering and sport, including tennis and football. During the summer period all basic services are availabl,e such as tobacconist's, market and newsstand.

The restaurant of the park is an exclusive location where you can enjoy local specialties and more, cooked with genuine products at zero kilometer. A well-kept and charming space equipped also outside, where you can eat outdoors under the branches of the trees and close to the coast, in a dream habitat from which to enjoy the stunning view of the sea surrounded by the scents of junipers.

The location: where is Portobello?

- 100 mt from the sea
- 25 km from Santa Teresa Gallura
- 70 km - Olbia Port
- 73 km - Olbia Airport
- 75 km - Downtown Olbia

Portobello di Gallura is located in an area of immense scenic splendor
and is oriented to the west: an ideal position not only to enjoy the long and warm evening light, or the breathtaking sunsets on the water, but also for the protection from the winds given by Corsica and Asinara. The different natural elements come together harmoniously: the crystal clear sea, the beaches of white sand between granite rocks, the lush and wild Mediterranean maquis. The Residential Park was born in the '60s/'70s from a real philosophy of life of some well-known entrepreneurs and engineers in love with these places: preserve, enhance the territory and highlight the morality of man by building land-homes perfectly integrated into the landscape. It is a cultural intervention of self-regulation that is a one-of-a-kind unicum.

The beaches near Portobello.

The beaches of Portobello are strips of fine white sand. The colours of the water range from emerald green to blue, while the seabed is shallow and mainly sandy. The most famous beaches are:

   • for beauty and exclusivity:
- the Rosa beach, with the unmistakable colour of its granite sand;
- the beaches of Lu Culumbu and Geometra, for the rocks with their unmistakable shapes;
- the Baja dell'Amore, where tamarisk trees cut out welcoming areas of shade.

  • The best equipped are instead:
- those of the nearby Santa Teresa di Gallura with Monte Russu, from which depart 40 km of paths in the green amongst the most beautiful beaches of the coast.

Things to do in Portobello di Gallura and its surroundings

Sports and nature lovers can use the equipped areas of the residential park or take advantage of the windy days to surf and windsurf on the beautiful surrounding beaches. The shallow and crystal clear waters between granite rocks create fun opportunities for snorkeling, even for children.

The entire surrounding region is an area of excellence for the production of Vermentino wine and oil. In the sunny valleys swept by the mistral there are small farms and wineries in stazzi and where you can live suggestive experiences of gastronomic and wine tasting. Santa Teresa di Gallura, just 25 km away, is a renowned resort location in Sardinia with a picturesque old town and one of the most modern and equipped marinas in the area. From here it is easy to reach the beautiful and paradisiacal islands of La Maddalena and Corsica..
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